ittf rules & regulations

  1. RULES
    1. The ITTF Laws of Table Tennis and the ITTF Regulations for World, Olympic and Paralympic Title Competitions (latest edition) will be applied, although the specific 2024 Rules and Regulations for the World Masters Championships shall take priority.
    1. All individuals who are older than 40 years of age or who will be 40 years of age during the year 2024 are eligible to participate.
    2. Upon the organizers’ request, the participants shall present their passport/ID Cards as proof of age.
    1. Categories:
      • 40-44 years (born between 1984 and 1980)
      • 45-49 years (born between 1979 and 1975)
      • 50-54 years (born between 1974 and 1970)
      • 55-59 years (born between 1969 and 1965)
      • 60-64 years (born between 1964 and 1960)
      • 65-69 years (born between 1959 and 1955)
      • 70-74 years (born between 1954 and 1950)
      • 75-79 years (born between 1949 and 1945)
      • 80-84 years (born between 1944 and 1940)
      • 85-89 years (born between 1939 and 1935)
      • More than 90 years. (born in 1934 or before)
    2. Each category will have the following events:
      1. Men and Women Singles
      2. Men and Women Doubles
      3. Mixed Doubles
    3. In the event of fewer than four players entering any one event, the Competition Manager has the right to either cancel the said event or to introduce a reasonable alternative for all concerned.
    4. Every entered player is allowed to participate in one singles, one doubles and one mixed doubles event. A player must participate in her/his own age category, except in doubles and mixed doubles. If players of a pair do not belong to the same age group, then they shall be placed in the category of the younger player.
    5. If the doubles partner (according to the draw) is not present a new partner will be given by the organizer if possible.
    6. A doubles pair shall not be altered if both players are present and fit to play. However, injury, illness, or the absence of one player may be accepted as justification for an alteration to take place, but only before the announced “deadline”.
    7. All entries in singles and doubles will be published online immediately after the deadline. Players are responsible for checking their respective entries or asking for confirmation from the organizer within the next 4 weeks. No alterations or new entries will be accepted after the deadline.
    1. A player entering a doubles event without a doubles partner (partner wanted) must accept any doubles partner assigned to him/her by the organizers.
    2. Doubles pairs which are confirmed from both players or which are combined by the organizers may not be altered by a player (such a pairing may only be changed if one of its players has canceled her/his participation in the competition).
    3. A list of pairs entered in the doubles event – confirmed by both players – will be published online as soon as possible.
    4. A second list of players who have entered the doubles event under the following:
      • Players not having a partner (partner wanted)
      • Players not having confirmed this pairing (half-open doubles) will be published online (not later than 4 weeks after the deadline of the extended Entry Date).
    5. The players on this second list are allowed to request (or arrange) a doubles partner themselves up until the defined “deadline” – usually 5 to 7 days before the start of the accreditation at the venue.
    6. Both players of a newly formed doubles pair shall confirm this pair immediately.
    7. On Qualifying Competition played in Groups, all the players must confirm their availability 10 minutes before the start of the Group presenting themselves at the assigned table. If a player is absent, his/her partner can arrange another player. This new player cannot have an assigned partner and must be from the same age category or older. If at the time of the start of the group, there is no new player, the double will be considered absent.
    8. On Consolation Draw if a player is absent, his/her partner can arrange another player. This new player cannot have an assigned partner and must be from the same age category or older. The new double must inform the ITTF Competition Manager of this new double 30 minutes before the Consolation Draw starts. After that, the double will be considered absent.
    1. The World Masters Championships in Table Tennis is an official ITTF competition.
    2. The organizer of the World Masters Championships (WVC) is the Italian Table Tennis Federatiom.
    3. The Championships will be held from 6th to 14th July 2024 at the Rome Exhibition Centre (Fiera di Roma). On the opening day competition will begin at 09:00 hrs. local time.
    1. Each category of singles and doubles will be played best of five games (until 3 games are won) and as follows:
    2. World Championships Qualifying Competition – The Qualifying Competition will be played in groups (all play all). A group of four is preferred (according to the entries). The first and second placed will play in the World Championships Competition proper, the third and fourth (or if more than 4 in a group, according to the entries) placed will play in the Consolation Competition – only if they so wish and only if they mark this on the score sheet immediately after play in their group has finished.
    3. In the event with 3, 4 or 5 players or pairs entered in one age category the Competition Manager may decide to play a “Round Robin” in only one group. The exact system is to be published before the start of the Competition.
    4. If there are two or more players in a group from the same National Association, it is essential that these matches be the first to be played.
    5. World Championships Main Competition – The World Championships Competition proper will be played according to the knock-out system.
    6. World Championships Consolation Competition – The Consolation Competition will be played according to the knock-out system.
    7. Ranking order in a group shall be decided as follows:
      1. Two match points shall be awarded for a win, 1 for a loss in a played match, and 0 for a loss in an un-played match.
      2. The ranking order shall be determined primarily by the number of match points gained.
      3. If two or more members of the group have gained the same number of match points, their relative positions shall be determined only by the results of the matches between them, by considering successively the numbers of match points, as far as is necessary to resolve the order.
      4. If at any step in the calculations the position of one or more members of the group have been determined while the others are still equal, the results of the matches in which those members took part shall be excluded from any further calculations needed to resolve the equalities in accordance with the above procedure.
      5. If it is not possible to resolve equalities by means of the above procedure the relative positions shall be decided by lots made by the Referee.
    1. The draw for the Qualifying Competition in Singles will take place approx. 14 days before the beginning of the World Veteran Championships.
    2. The draw for the World Championship Competitions and Consolation Competitions will take place immediately after completion of each age category’s qualification matches in the Qualifying Competition.
    3. For any changes or additions to the draw, the organizer is required to obtain the approval of the Referee.
    1. The organizer will provide local and foreign umpires for the World Championships Competition and the final stages of the Consolation Competition.
    2. In the group play, members of the groups not playing shall make themselves available as umpires.
    3. In the Consolation Competition, the loser of the match shall be the umpire in the next match at the table where he or she played.
    1. ITTF approved tables, surrounds, nets and balls will be used.
    2. Racket covering must be ITTF approved
    1. The size of the court will be a minimum of 10 m x 5 m.
    2. Access to a designated area for the attachment of racket coverings must be provided. Liquid adhesives shall not be used elsewhere in the playing venue.
    1. Players are responsible for their physical and mental fitness to compete in the Championships. It is recommended that a routine check-up ahead of the WVC should be carried out by a doctor. Any necessary health and accident insurance policies must be taken out by the players themselves.
    2. Players accept the ITTF Anti-Doping Rules (according to the ITTF Handbook) as a condition of participation. It is recommended that in the event of a player being prescribed specific medication in connection with his general health from his doctor, the said player must obtain the necessary written confirmation from his doctor. In the event of a violation of these rules, the WVC Committee will decide about any sanctions.
    3. Players may use only approved and authorized equipment according to the valid list provided on the ITTF website.
    4. Players must accept the ITTF Racket Control Regulations (according to the ITTF Handbook) as condition of participation. In the event of a violation of these regulations, the referee will decide about any sanctions.
    5. Each player is obliged to compete at the table and time set by the “Competition Schedule”. The player is responsible for keeping her/himself informed when and where to play. Any player who fails to appear at the scheduled time will automatically lose the match, after a 5 minutes waiting period.
    6. All players must sign the result of the score sheet after the match, before leaving the table.
    7. During the competition players will be required to carry with them their entry numbers – said entry numbers to be attached to their sports shirt on their back whilst playing.
    8. The organizers accept that no restrictions should be made with regard to “drinking water” in the duration of a match. However, drinking water will only be specifically allowed at the same time as the “towelling down regulation”.
    9. No advertisement for alcoholic drinks and tobacco shall be worn by the players in the playing halls.
    10. Only the members of the respective group/individual match played at that table and one coach per player/pair (two coaches for doubles containing two associations) are allowed to enter the playing area. All other players/spectators not playing in the respective group/individual match have to be outside of the playing area (stands/spectators area).
    1. Each player is entitled to a 5 minutes rest between two matches, or at the Table Manager`s discretion
    1. Appeals will be dealt with by a three-member Jury composed of the chair of the ITTF Masters Committee, as a chair of the Jury, a representative of the Organizing Committee and a representative of the ITTF Competition Department.
    2. The Referee or his/her deputy will be invited to attend the Jury meetings with the right to speak, but not to vote.
    3. The Jury shall have the power to decide any question of appeal within the jurisdiction of a tournament management committee.
    4. Appeals can be lodged against the decision of the referees only and they have to be submitted in writing immediately after the completion of the match.
      No member of the Jury can take part in the tournament as a player. Protests can be lodged against the decision of the referee only and they have to be submitted in writing to the Organizing Committee immediately after the completion of the match. No member of the Jury can take part in the tournament.
    1. The top four players and pairs in each category of the World Championships Competition will be presented with medals.
    2. Winners and runners-up of the Consolation Competition will receive a certificate and souvenir, which will be handed over at the table immediately after the final match.
    3. If an event is constituted by a single group, only the first three will be rewarded with medals.
    4. All participants will be awarded a Championship Diploma.