“Sport is based on the concepts of respect, understanding, integration and dialogue, and contributes to the development and fulfilment of individuals regardless of age, gender, origin, beliefs and opinions. Sport is a unique forum for action and reflection to transform our societies”.

Audrey Azoulay Unesco General Manager

Sport is a universal language that unites peoples, cultures, and genders. A powerful, direct language on which the United Nations intends to push to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

In order to actively contribute to the achievement of some of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Rome 2022 World Masters Table Tennis Championships will be organised through the implementation of concrete and tangible actions that can generate positive impacts for the community and the environment.

Rome 2024, through the direct involvement of partners and sponsors, is organising its sustainability activities in the following strategic action areas:


The first goal of ITTF WMTTC Rome 2024 must be to organise a completely “paper and plastic free” event through particularly strict environment policies.

  • We would like to continue and conclude the path already started during the 2022 Rimini EVCs, which was the first event in the history of European/World Table Tennis events for veterans during which the use of the paper was significantly reduced having imposed theuse of a QR code for participants up to 65 years of age, to consult all competition data (results, draws, etc.). Before the 2022 Rimini EVCs there was the habit, in fact, of attaching on a wall about 100 metres long all the results and draws of the event with a huge waste of paper and dedicated human resources. Our experience, has been a success and, therefore, we would like to continue in this road, reaching the goal of extending this method to all age categories by enhancing the assistance work of the info desk and points consultation in the venue.

  • The same happened for plastic (at least for all the organisational staff) through the use of water dispensers for all staff, volunteers, officials, and umpires to be poured into personal water bottles.

  • Great care was also taken in the collection of waste through the distribution in the venue of a large quantity of collection containers with differentiation of waste (plastic, paper, organic, glass and undifferentiated).